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The version that is latest of “The Invisible Man” poses a fascinating concern: imagine if the hidden guy were the man you’re dating? Rather than the kind that is good of however a master manipulator and all-around creep?

H.G. Wells’s 1897 novel, as it happens, is ready-made for a period of gaslighting guys and also the ladies who look out of them, in this full situation quite literally. Directed by Leigh Whannell, whose screenplays jump-started the ”Saw” and “Insidious” horror show, it is a sly, twisty small chiller, not ashamed of its B-movie bona fides and better for this.

If nothing else, we have to invest a large amount of time viewing Elisabeth Moss freak call at supposedly empty spaces

And pummel/get pummeled by an individual who doesn’t look like here. She plays Cecilia, who into the opening scenes of “The Invisible Man” escapes her uber-controlling mad scientist fan, Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), and attempts to set up a life that is new. Difficulty is, Adrian doesn’t just take rejection at all well. In reality, he later commits suicide.

Or does he? If he’s actually dead, how come the digital camera panning that is keep from Cecilia to peaceful corners and hallways? Whom resulted in the kitchen stove burner and very nearly set your kitchen burning? Why is that blade drifting in midair?

I’d like to credit Jackson-Cohen by having a performance, but he barely reaches provide one. Claude Rains established his profession into the very first movie version of “The Invisible Man, ” directed by James Whale (“Frankenstein”), in 1933, and Kevin Bacon starred in Paul Verhoeven’s nasty “Hollow Man” (2000), nonetheless it has constantly seemed somewhat perverse casting a name actor in a component there is no-one to see. The brand new Man” that is“Invisible does bother; it concentrates alternatively from the name character’s chief target as she’s slowly and sadistically separated from relatives and buddies by a number of head games — games that only convince the others that Cecilia is losing her marbles.

Her no-nonsense sis (Harriet Dyer), cop closest friend (Aldis Hodge)

While the cop’s teenage daughter (Storm Reid) all want the greatest for Cecilia but believe it is impractical to believe her claims that Adrian’s maybe perhaps perhaps not dead even if he’s standing there next to them. “The Invisible Man” keeps the gore quotient low — at very very first — and concentrates alternatively on suspense and silence, slowly increasing the stakes through to the heroine is with in a psychological center lockdown where no body helpful resources thinks her until they’re forced to in mostly painful methods.

Rather than the usual“serum that is mysterious” the villain let me reveal an entrepreneurial “optics developer” — think Elon Musk with contacts — who’s got show up having a unique approach to take hidden. We won’t spoil his breakthrough, however it’s one thing the Sharper Image might offer if its catalog had A s&m part.

Along side a name character who’s not here, a reasonable quantity of holes have already been kept when you look at the tale line, and anybody who really wants to pick the film’s apart wobbly plot-logic — besides, you realize, the complete invisibility thing — will see it simple to do this. But Whannell and horror studio Blumhouse Productions (“Paranormal Activity, ” “The Purge”) are better at low-budget high-concept scares and therefore are pleased to keep the nitpicking to your pedants. Universal photos, after failing miserably at turning their popular monsters into contemporary special-effects-driven showstoppers (“The Mummy, ” “The Wolfman, ” “Van Helsing”) has sensibly opted at hand the reins to filmmakers who understand that less could be so much more.

A showcase for Moss, who more than any special effect convinces us Cecilia is being stalked and attacked by someone who can’t be seen above all, the movie’s. It’s another into the actress’s canny career techniques: as soon as your main character is invisible, you’re able to function as the entire show.