Us lifts ban on nz naval ships ‘ludicrous’

Us lifts ban on nz naval ships ‘ludicrous’

AUGUSTAN CITY — Some politicians in Nueva Vizcaya have taken issue with President Aquino’s plans to deploy a naval ship to the region to help monitor the government’s «illegal smuggling» of opium.


The National Commission on Peace, Order and Morality (CNPOM) chairman Benigno Aquino III’s comments came last week after President Aquino indicated an initial agreement with President Duterte to deploy an air force and a fleet of vessels to the Philippines’ southernmost province of Davao.

CNPOM vice chair Leila de Lima (DILG) on Thursday also noted the statement and asked Aquino to clarify the matter before the media.

«He wants to deploy an aircraft carrier? That sounds ridiculous. What a crazy situation he’s in, and this is not the only one. It’s like the U.S. has a fleet of helicopters and is actually deploying them to shoot down Chinese and Chinese aircraft,» de Lima told the Inquirer.

CNPOM is an inter-ministerial body that oversees the administration’s economic, social, legal and diplomatic developments, the CNPOM chairwoman said.

The CNPOM chairwoman and other leaders who spoke with Inquirer on Thursday were expected to make a formal announcement, she said.

But, CNPOM chairwoman Andres Quezon said the agency is concerned that the President may not have fully understood the scope of his new initiative to send a fleet of ships to the southern Philippines.

«We are not saying that the President is wrong. We are just saying that we don’t want to 필리핀 마이다스 카지노have the appearance that we are just the heads of바카라 카지노 a coalition, which is what he is trying to appear like,» Quezon told Inquirer.

De Lima, however, said she has raised the issue of the military personnel to Aquino before the president himself, but that he has not accepted the CNPOM’s advice.

«It has nothing to do with the presidential office. But there should be an opportunity for our national leaders to discuss the issue so that the President understands,» she said.

The Navy, a government-owned shipbuilder, is preparing to expand to 15 destroyers to supply t탑 카지노he Manila-based Philippine Coast Guard, according to De Lima.

Her remarks came after two naval officers were detained in connection with an alleged illegal import of 20 tons of heroin and drug money last Saturda