Reasons for Copper being Widely Used for Making Electrical Wires

Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu and atomic number 29. Copper is a very ductile metal that has excellent heat and electrical conductivity; it is reddish-orange in color. In the present times, copper has various applications, for example, its use in the construction industry as a building material; its use as an industrial raw material; use of copper as a constituent of several metal alloys, etc. The most popular and prominent use of this reddish-orange metal, however, can be seen in the electrical industry for manufacturing electrical wires.
These days, copper is extensively used for making electrical wires because of the important advantages that this metal offers. Today, there are a large number of copper wire manufacturers and copper wire exporters present in the market due to the increasing demand of copper wire across various application areas. Some reasons for copper being widely used for making electrical wires are given under:
Excellent Electrical Conductivity: As a matter of fact, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity. Apparently no other metal stands near copper in terms of electrical conductivity. The copper wire is capable of carrying more current per diameter of wire. That is to say, copper wire depletes relatively less charge when electric current flows through it.
Ductile: Copper is very ductile; it signifies that copper can be stretched to a good length without breaking or weakening it. It is of course a crucial quality required to manufacture wire out of any metal.
Advantageous Chemical this website Properties: The advantageous chemical properties of this reddish-orange metal, copper, plays a vital role in making it an ideal metal for manufacturing electrical wires. Due to the favorable chemical properties of copper, electrical copper wires can bear tough climate; are abrasion resistant; and, last long.
Temperature Tolerance: The passing of high voltage current from a wire usually rises its surface temperature. In such situation, if an electrical wire has to continue for a long time, it must be able to bear the frequent rise and fall in temperature that usually happens when current flows through a power cable. Copper wires entirely meet this requirement because of its temperature tolerance property.
Global Standard: Copper wires are globally accepted for different types of wiring applications in both residential and industrial buildings. The majority of modern building designs support copper wiring. So, choosing copper wire for your home and office wiring is a good decision as it will also help rewiring in future.
Easy Availability: The popular varieties of copper wires like braided wire, tinned copper wire, tinsel wire, etc., could be easily found at any electrical store near you. These wires are readily available due to their popularity in the electrical applications.
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