Philippines bus explosion blamed on terrorists (VIDEO)

Philippines bus explosion blamed on terrorists (VIDEO)

Police: Terrorists killed 16 at Metro Manila bus explosion

In a statement issued after the explosion, the police office said its members were being assisted by «law enforcement and other security agencies.»

«In the wake of this explosion the Philippine National Police (PNP) Headquarters will immediately take appropriate measures to secure the buildings in this area and provide security,» it said.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also expressed condolences over the explosion.

«The terrorists struck Manila because they were looking to bring더킹카지노 down the Philippine government,» Duterte said at a press conference in Manila, where more than 300,000 people attended a rally condemning the bombing.

In his televised speech, Duterte also said the bomb was «shocking to the soul of the human spirit.»

«It is a shock to our conscience that they바카라 would use this bomb against us, and we cannot have any more shock,» he said.

The Philippines is home to two major US bases in the country, in Cebu and Mindanao.

«The tragic explosion took place in one of the major US bases in the Philippines,» the Philippine National Police (PNP) said in a statement.

The explosion happened at around 5 a.m. (1100 GMT) and it took place while the bus was parked in the area, the police added.

The explosion caused a large hole in the front of the bus, and the body of one of the passengers was fouapronxnd on the ground.

Two other passengers were injured in the blast, and one was reported to be in a critical condition.

«Two persons and one woman have been transferred to Manila, and their condition is unknown,» the PNP said.

A police officer at the scene said the two injured passengers had been taken to an area hospital.

Policia de Maribulan was reported to be monitoring the situation, the PNP said.

Witnesses said they were able to hear the blast at least 200 metres away from the vehicle.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, left, and U.S. President Donald Trump speak following a joint press conference in Manila on Tuesday. (Philippine National Police/AFP/Getty Images)

The president had been on a trip to Asia after visiting the Philippine capital of Manila.

Duterte on Tuesday had spoken with Trump by telephone for about 40 minutes at the Davao International Airport.

Duterte said Trump assured him,