New jobs program aims to help indigenous youth: NDP

New jobs program aims to help indigenous youth: NDP

The NDP is launching a new job training program that will see a significant amount of newly trained indigenous youth join the Canadian labour market.

«I’ve made it clear from the beginning, we need to create jobs. We need jobs that are going to strengthen the labour force for our own people, not for anybody else’s,» NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair said in Montreal on Thursday.

There is no Canadian equivalent to the $40,000 youth employment program in Ontario, which was implemented as part of an attempt to tackle the country’s unemployment problem.

On Thursday, Mulcair said his government would use the $50,000 Youth Employment Program to train 250,000 Indigenous youth from the First Nations reserve communities of Prince바카라 Edward Island and Nova Scotia over four years.

There is now almost 16,000 Indigenous people in Canada, up from about 13,500, he said.

NDP Leader T우리카지노homas Mulcair says his party is creating a new program to help indigenous youth. 3:10

Mulcair said he wanted to change the country’s outdated approach to training aboriginal youth before it had one that is prepared to serve Indigenous families as well as Canadian workers, whose employment rates have historically lagged behind those of their native-born peers.

He said that approach was not conducive to building strong and healthy businesses, including in the manufacturing sector.

«I want to make sure we start from the place of getting people on the job and make sure we work with businesses to make it happen,» Mulcair said.

Premier Rachel Notley on Thursday said the government needs to do more to support young indigenous people, adding that youth unemployment is a key issue that has to be addressed.

The federal government introduced the Youth Employment Program on Oct. 30, in an effort to increase the number of young people in Canada who are in full-time jobs.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair unveiled a new youth employment program at Parliament Hill on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2015. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Mulcair said on Thursday that he would also create an Indigenous education program to help new indigenous members of Parliament earn their degree and earn a living.

«The people who will make those decisions are those who are truly serving the nation first and foremost,» he said.

Canada’s unemployment rate is at a 30-year low of 3.4 per cent. Unemployment among young people우리카지노 is now at 8.8 per cent