Monday finance with alan kohler» — which means «money with a human face»

Monday finance with alan kohler» — which means «money with a human face». In another example, the message reads: «This is how we will keep the people alive.»

While the image was sent out in a flurry of messages from January 2013 through to September 2014, others were sent in November and December that year, and by March of 2015, two groups were using the image to suggest they were part of the protest movement. A Twitter account also tweeted the image in August, with the message: «#NoDAPL. All the pipeline is still standing.»

This is where things went from bad to worse, though, with an email sent from an administrator at the Dakota Access website showing a post of the pipeline map in question, showing that «there is very specific location where the pipeline has alread블랙 잭y been built at this point,» and the message: «We are sorry to confirm this but it has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that our map was just a hoax.»

A new account then showed off its own map of the Dakota Access pipeline construction location with an image showing that it was located at Standing Rock in North Dakota, with an image of the pipeline’s «corridor» shown on the map, and this message: «Now what?»

Two other images were also sent out showing that the route was still in place, with the statement «We are right on the river to the lake!» on one side of the image, and «S.D. has already gotten on the train to ETP/DAPL» on the other.

The group’s message also included a statement 블랙 잭that appeared to say the following: «You can only say one thing when the river crosses your property — protest. This is your land and these are the men who built it. I stand in your blood.»

The group continued to send out the same message through July 2016, and also sent an image of an eagle flying low in the air as evidence of the pipeline «being» built nearby. The image, in another example, said: «The eagle is the new flag of #DAPL.»

Another group with more sophisticated language sent out this image as well, saying in a similar vein: «A symbol of the people’s resistance in #DAPL is the eagle퍼스트카지노. #GoDakota.»

The images are meant as part of an ongoing series of communications sent by the «No DAPL» groups, which are taking part in numerous acts of civil disobedience, including a June 16 demonstration i