Mcmahon a buddy disgrace: how low can a tabloid press go

Mcmahon a buddy disgrace: how low can a tabloid press go?

The Sun was taken to task for its «sick and disgraceful» behaviour, with 카지노 쿠폰editor Paul Daley refusing to apologise for putting a report to print that «not only gave him a good day’s pay but the job was a good night’s pay».

This included an alleged encounter with Murdoch who took the reporter for a drive. But, as the Sun pointed out, all he ever did was give him a lift home – which is not what he meant by «a good night’s pay».

The Sun’s handling of Murdoch’s personal life is 강원출장샵a case in point. Last year, it published another story that was deemed to be «a breach of standards» but did not bring Mr Murdoch any personal or professional harm, so the story did not go to print.

When the Times asked the Mail & Guardian to retract, it responded that the paper should be more upfront with its readers. But the paper’s then editor, Margaret Dalrymple, did not want to put up with the trouble and went into a lengthy campaign to have the story retracted.

But it just isn’t fair that one news organisation강릉안마 is going to have to be a little nicer when it comes to others.