Labor greens chase seniors vote

Labor greens chase seniors vote

By Julie Hirsch

May 5, 2시흥출장안마014

The vote by some of the most advanced members of the legislature was a victory for Medicare and for all of 에비앙 카지노us. The outcome is clear; seniors who are not receiving hospice care are not having their lives spared by this election, and we must continue to mobilize our friends and allies to vote the right way and keep this right.

The fight is with Medicare and all of us. It is not about Medicare for all. That is why we are here today.

It is not about one group or party or ideology over another. It is not about one vote versus another. It is not even about one thing versus another. It전립선 마사지 is about protecting the health and financial stability of all Californians. We are in this fight together.

By electing two Democratic and one Republican Senators, we have achieved one result. Our opponent, the current Republican governor, is taking away health care for millions of families and seniors.

The votes are in today. Our coalition has united behind our campaign. Our message is simple. We will not compromise on our principles. We will work to find common ground that will allow us to reach a comprehensive legislative solution that will get this program into the hands of California’s seniors in all its glory.

I am proud to be a member of this coalition. I am also very proud to be a candidate for Senator from the Golden State. This is the next chapter in the great fight for Medicare for all and a battle we can win.

In a campaign that will be deeply personal for all of us, the fight is to come together and save seniors and the State of California.

This is the message Senator Barbara Boxer delivered to our State Legislative Conference yesterday. Senator Boxer’s message was simple, «The only thing that binds us together is our shared commitment to care for our state’s seniors.»

I congratulate the Golden State Democrats on their win, and I look forward to the full support of those of you who are participating in my campaign for the US Senate.

Senator Boxer

I will continue to fight to defeat the Republican agenda as best I can. I will fight for Medicare for all and health care for all.

Senator Leahy

Thank you for standing here today with us, Barbara Boxer. Thank you for standing here today. My friends and my colleagues, it’s a big day. You have won. And now we have to unite. To fight for eac