Jury considers verdict in final bodies in the case of missing Malaysian plane MH370

Jury considers verdict in final bodies in the case of missing Malaysian plane MH370

Ruling: It is not possible to conclude that he was involved in the crash

The ruling means that there is no way for prosecutors to prove negligence or negligence, which would effectively destroy Malaysian authorities’ case.

It also shows the need for the international investigation team to complete its work and find the aircraft.

On Wednesday, a panel of 11 international experts — including representatives of Malaysia, China, Britain, France, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand — will be joined by experts from international criminal tribunals to decide whether the plane was intentionally crashed.

Mr Siregar was one of four people who flew to Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday from Beijing after Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the Boeing 777 was being taken back to Beijing by Chinese vessels.

Two more were supposed to fly to Beijing and land in Kuala Lumpur, but were stopped by a search plane while trying to make the short detour of the Maldives.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Malaysia says the plane had transponders — but Chinese media say only black boxes

They then returned to Beijing and landed in Surabaya, an Indonesian city with a large Chinese minority.

On Tuesday, Malaysian investigators바카라 and Malaysia’s defence minister said they were looking for bodies of passengers from the plane but gave no further information about their identities or the cause of the crash.

On Wednesday, investigators found several bodies on the beach in what appeared to be the MH370 debris.

In the first official announcement, a spokesman for Malaysia’s military said his country was cooperating with its search to determine the «best strategy to locate the aircraft».

But he said there could be no doubt the aircraft was crashed into the ocean, although investigators were still trying to determine when it was last heard from.

On Saturday, his spokeswoman said Malaysia had discovered the site of우리카지노 the crash but could not reveal exactly what was found, adding there had been reports that the body of a Chinese passenger would be found within the area of what was believed to be debris from the missing plane.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption MH370, like several other aircraft, was shot down on 9 March 2014

Mr Siregar우리카지노‘s death had been the subject of renewed speculation for days, after a report suggested his body was missing from the search area in the southern Indian Ocean.

The flight was shot down about 8,800 miles (13