Interview corey anderson:

Interview corey anderson:

[The man] began to shout that he wanted to shoot my kids and my family as well, then went on to claim that he could shoot a child in the abdomen if needed. He told me that if I told the truth that I was an intruder to all of those homes, he would get my children. He also said that he could kill my son if he had to. He claimed that he came into one of my children’s bedrooms.

Corey anderson claims this man followed her gospelhitzhome as she put away her housekey and then «banged on the door of my home». At that point, Corey anderson was threatened that her 2 kids and her 4 grandchildren will die.

When Corey anderson said that a neighbor was calling 911 due to someone breaking into a home and then screaming for help, this stranger replied:

«Well, you have done it.»

The two then became angry and they had a scuffle with the man who said that Corey anderson was just acting crazy.

Corey anderson later filed a report with the police department and told them that the man «had hit her and tried to r우리카지노un her off the street. He had to run her by me and she had to fight him off because he threatened her children.»

This man went on to state ingospelhitz a police report that he had gone through several windows prior to this and shot the 2 kids as well as the 4th generation grandchild. He then called 911 and stated that Corey anderson had jumped out his window and tried to attack him.

A friend of Corey anderson posted the entire story on Facebook and stated, «You never know about things that happen when you are under stress. I was having trouble adjusting in and out of my house for like 2 years, now I feel confident to start a new life.»

We reached out to the police department for further information on this case.

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