Exceed Your Goals

Do you have a goal to succeed at a certain endeavor? If so, then look in the mirror. What do you look like? Are your shoulders slumped? Is your breathing normal? Are you, in effect, just sitting around waiting for it to happen?
Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you aren’t focusing on it, it’s not coming near as fast as it could.
If you are ready to do something about it, start now!
Take a deep breath, straighten your share this site spine, raise your head, and straighten your shoulders.
Exhale as you center your weight over both feet.
Move one foot slightly ahead and tilt your weight to the balls of your feet.
Breathe deeply. This is the look of excellence.
Now, remember a major success you had in the past, recent or not so recent. How did that feel? What did you look like? What were you thinking, seeing, being?
Each and every time you experience a state of true release — anchor it. Feel the power and clench your fist. Keep a visual picture of yourself as you want to be and check in with that picture often. It could change and you need to be aware of that. Your anchor can be visual, your click this game website picture, auditory, YES!, or kinesthetic, make a fist. When you are in that mode, feel your breathing flow in and out in a continuous cycle without stopping. Feel how success feels!
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