Electrolysis-a Beginners Guide

While most people know about the more conventional and common forms of hair removal, including waxing and tweezing, fewer people are aware of the more esoteric forms of hair removal, such as electrolysis. Yet as hair removal becomes more and more popular people are increasingly open to trying out these less widespread methods.

Electrolysis specifically has seen an increase in interest within recent years and is worth a second look if you want to find a great, long lasting and highly effective avenue for smooth skin. So what is electrolysis and how does it work?

Simply put electrolysis refers to three different methods that involve shocking your body hair at the share more details root level with electricity to effectively «kill» it and cause it to fall out. There are three basic methods of electrolysis- galvanic and thermolysis and the blend of the two.

Galvanic methods use a direct current to remove your body hair. These methods use a charged needle to send the direct current to each hair’s root. When the electricity strikes the root of the hair there’s a chemical reaction within that strand that results in the creation of lye. The lye is toxic to the hair follicle which causes it to fall out.

Thermolysis methods work similarly to galvanic methods. They utilize a needle that shoots an electrical current into the root of your hair. However these methods use an alternating current that causes the water around click more details each hair to vibrate. This vibration produces a high amount of heat which denatures the root of the targeted hair follicle.

The blending method of electrolysis uses both alternating and direct currents to produce a «best of both worlds» scenario for the fastest and most effective method of electrolysis developed so far.

Now electrolysis is generally performed by a professional due to the fact that it requires specialized equipment and a large degree of precision. When I mentioned above that a needle was used to pass the current to a single hair follicle I wasn’t exaggerating- in electrolysis your hair is removed a single follicle at a time. This is a relatively long and involved process that often takes multiple sessions to complete, which is why many people choose to try no no instead of opting for electrolysis. Working with gardenscapes cheats hack a professional makes sure the process moves as quickly and as effectively as possible, but many people still complain about suffering from some level of pain or discomfort during the procedure.

While each session can take multiple hours to complete it’s important to note that electrolysis is considered to be a permanent method of hair removal. In some cases a few follicles might grow back but the damage performed to the root of each follicle is extensive enough that re-growth is highly unlikely under any circumstances. In general electrolysis is safe and any side effects you experience on your skin are going to be temporary, provided the procedure was performed by a professional. If the electrolysis was performed by yourself at home then there’s a good chance of causing scarring or other permanent damage, so it’s important to always go through a fully trained and qualified electrolysis technician.