Do You Believe Men Should Cry?

I have been thinking of late about a fallacy that men ought not to cry. What do you think?
I call this idea a fallacy because when a father or another male instructs his son or friend that men should not cry, click this site it cannot be real and such instruction is dangerous.
Emotions are not given only to women and not men.
We are all inheritors of this important aspect and legacy of our development.
Show me the person who has no emotions and I will show you someone who is immoral, insensitive, callous, cruel, and I could go on.
Show me a man who knows how and when to cry, and I will show you someone with a loving, godly, kind, affectionate heart.
Personally, I believe that crying at sometime is needful. This does not mean that a man should cry about everything, neither should a woman.
However, there are times of great sorrow and sadness when crying is another way of expelling hurtful toxins from the emotions. When we do not cry, emotions are stifled and they become toxic to our systems.
The man, who does not express himself in tears at some point, is holding back dragon mania legends cheats only to relieve himself at a later stage in destructive anger, which can prove dangerous to himself and those around him. Maybe you have ideas and would like to respond to this article.
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1. Why do you believe men should cry?
2. Why do you believe men should not cry?
3. Check our website What are some of the behaviours for men who do not believe they should cry?
4. Have you ever noticed the behaviours of men who do not cry?
5. If you are a man what did your dad say to you about men and crying?
6. If you are a man who has cried over disappointments, lost love, failures and misfortunes, how did you feel at the end?
7. Did you allow others to see you cry?
8. What was their response to you?
9. What did your mother/father say to you when she saw you crying as a boy?
10. Did you grow up with a father in the home?
11. Now that you are grown, in what way did crying help you?
12. What advice would you give to your son concerning crying?
13. What advice would you give to young men concerning crying?
14. How would you respond to those who jeer and ridicule you?
Dr. Barbara
Faith Restoration Ministries International