Do Stretch Marks Ever Go Away?

If your a woman between the ages of 14 to 60 then the chances of having developed stretch marks at some time during your lifetime are about 96%. Oh, you might be thinking that this percentage is quite high, especially since you have not yet or ever have experienced pregnancy. That’s because most people are under the wrong impression that these hideous, unflattering marks, also clinically referred to as «Striae» are just a normal side effect of extreme weight gain due to over stretching of the abdomen while pregnant. The truth is that no one — not even men, are exempt from developing a really bad case of stretch marks. So If your concerned about body image and wondering if this embarrassing form of body scarring will ever go away, you must first begin to understand the many reasons for their occurrence and then figure out what your available options are for getting rid of them.
There is bad and good news on this subject — I will be totally honest and give you just the straight forward answer you have come here looking for.
The Good News — Stretch Marks are not a serious condition or disease. Once they have formed on the epidermis (top layer of skin) as deep red or purplish welts, they will not spread or get worse. In fact, from this point on they will only begin to heal and lighten in color. New marks might even have you experiencing a slight tenderness or swelling. This sensation will also dissipate in about 2 to 6 weeks depending upon the size, depth and severity of the scarring.
The Bad News — they are etched into each layer of the skin, and will never completely disappear, no matter what type of expensive treatment or stretch mark removal cream you may try.
Before you go into a total depression about my last bad news statement, let me continue on to say that all is not lost! There is a way to dramatically reduce the appearance and texture of stretch marks anywhere on the body, regardless of how long you may have had them. Thanks to great strides in cosmeceutical science, there are a number of highly effective, topical creams that have produced some amazing, visible results when used in conjunction with a proper skin care regime.
It is important to note that a top rated stretch marks cream can be quite costly, for an average 6oz one months supply. This is based upon the size of the area being treated, at least twice daily. The average person should not expect magical results over night. In all honestly, everyone will experience a different outcome.
How Do Stretch Marks Happen?
It has often been said that heredity has a large part to play in life’s lottery of developing stretch marks. There may be some element of truth to this, however, studies show that a persons fate has more to do with overall skin health, dealing with the skins elasticity, complexion and hydration level.
If you have stretch marks due to pregnancy, then you probably attribute your problem to excessive weight gain and over stretched skin. Well, that’s part of the reason, but there is so much more to explain about the anatomy of a stretch mark.
These unflattering tears in the black ops 3 hack skin occur when the skin’s collagen fibers and elastin stores become depleted in the middle layer of the dermis. This Check our website >visit our website breach is generally due to dehydration, and prolonged periods of being continuously stretched to accommodate an expanding pregnant belly or bulging muscles due to bodybuilding. As the weak and stressed skin lacks the ability to snap back to it’s original healthy state. This creates the perfect situation for deep reddish or dark purple welts to form on the top layer of the skin.
Hormonal swings also play a large role in the prepubescent stage of life. Millions of people are scarred with older silver streaks that have formed on the fatty areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, breast, lower back, arms and buttocks. It is not uncommon to receive the majority of stretch marks on the body during puberty.
How to Minimize The Look of Stretch Marks
The best way to avoid getting stretch marks or to effectively reduce the the ones you unfortunately already have, make sure to keep your skin healthy and well hydrated from the inside out. Eat plenty of skin loving foods that promote cell growth and regeneration of collagen fiber and elastin. Natural supplements of zinc, vitamin C and E will help replace much needed antioxidants that may be missing from a daily diet.
Keeping fit and trim through diet and exercise will keep muscles toned and greatly reduce the look and feel of skin damaged by stretch marks.
Keep skin well moisturized with natural botanical oils such as Shea butter, coconut and avocado oil. For maximum results in fading the appearance of new scarring and older silver streaks, make sure to use a stretch mark removal cream year round. It’s possible to feel great about your body again.