Consumer acquisition. Due to that, the great majority of the new users come through software packages.

But just what brings them to Tinder? If you’re trying to develop a dating application in the same manner as Tinder, this information is gold.

In the Bing Enjoy shop, Tinder gets just a little over 45% of its traffic straight. In terms of searches, which will make up slightly a lot more than one-half for the traffic, most of the top five keywords range from the term “Tinder” inside them.

Other sources fill in several portion points, including mail, recommendations, and social. Display ads don’t bring in just about any traffic.

Summarizing, the by far top sources are direct and search, which combined type around 96percent of Tinder’s Bing Enjoy traffic.

The tale is just a little different on the Apple App Store, however. Direct traffic is really a far larger portion, with almost 69% of traffic—or over one out of three—coming right to the software.

Re Re Search makes up somewhat less than 20%, once more with all top five key words utilizing the expressed word“Tinder” inside them. Mail is 0.2% and like Bing Enjoy, display ads don’t account fully for any such thing.

But recommendations (at 5.5%) and social (at 6%) represent larger bits of the traffic pie for iOS than they are doing for Bing Enjoy.

A reason that is possible the fairly low amount of social recommendations to Tinder is a result of deficiencies in desire for sharing one’s dating practices with social support systems.

When Tinder first launched, it needed users to join up with Facebook. It could get information like title, age, and pictures through the community.

However in March 2017, Tinder attempted an alternate signup option that bypassed Facebook, then completely rolled it away in June of 2017

A surprising 75% of Tinder users opted against utilizing Facebook authentication to register, a true quantity that’s stayed fairly constant since Tinder circulated the function.

As Tinder continues to split up it self off their systems and apps it could develop less influenced by these platforms and expand its control of the consumer experience.


One of many clearest trends in Tinder within the last couple of years is it creates loads of cash. It consistently ranks among the best-performing apps on the planet and has get to be the source that is chief of for moms and dad company Match Group.

Let’s look in the numbers in detail.

Overall for Tinder. Tinder generates huge quantities of income.

But possibly even moreover, it offers a profit margin that is staggeringly high. Based on research in 2018, Tinder’s income are over 40%.

On Apple iOS platforms worldwide, Tinder will come in third destination, with $462.2 million USD.

Tinder may be the fifth-highest Android that is ranking app the Google Enjoy Store in the usa by income, earning $14.54 million in November 2018.

Internationally, it’s a straight larger champion, striking 3rd spot with $37.11 million in November 2018. The two apps it displaces—compared having its fifth-place position within the US—are Clash of Clans and Pandora musical.

From January 2012 to October 2018, Tinder has spent an overall total of 723 times given that app that is top-grossing Google Play around the world.

Early in the day we’d mentioned that Tinder had been less popular in britain than in the usa. While that’s true, but, research implies that Tinder income in the united kingdom dominates its neighbors that are european.

In European countries, Tinder earns the revenue that is most from British site visitors, producing $69.16 million USD in web income in the united states alone.

The next-highest nation in European countries is Germany, with fewer than half regarding the income for the British at $26.75 million USD.

If you’re seeking to design a lucrative software, Tinder could be a fantastic instance that’s not just wildly popular and boasts out-of-this-world engagement statistics, but in addition yields massive income.

Therefore, so how exactly does this stack up because of its publicly-traded moms and dad business Match Group?

For moms and dad business Match Group. Before we start, let’s check a little back ground on Match Group.

Definately not being solely who owns Tinder, Match Group is called a near-monopoly on dating apps and web web sites.

Match Group has a quantity of properties, including dominant players like, OkCupid, Hinge, and PlentyofFish.

Additionally they possess a number of niche websites like,,, (previously, as well as others.

Yet Tinder is by far probably the most brand that is profitable the organization. A figure that’s been on the increase since 2015 in 2018, Tinder accounted for 47% of Match Group’s $1.7 billion in revenue.

Put another way, considering available data, Tinder represents over 1 / 2 of the total investing subscribers to Match Group’s items.

But how can these figures compare to fit Group’s other properties?

While various numbers from different sources can’t be contrasted totally, research from 2019 shows that Tinder generated $367 million in the US alone, more than any other Match Group app february.

It becomes clear that Match Group’s growth since 2012 has mostly come as Tinder has continued to grow when we expand our view across a broader time span.

(This quantity is just determined from dating income, excluding Match that is former Group such as for instance Princeton Review and )

So when divided by quarter, the data reveal that income development began picking right on up in late 2017 and might be correlated towards the introduction of Tinder Gold during the same time.

The biggest quantity of members nevertheless stay static in the united states (defined in formal Match Group papers once the united states of america and Canada).

Having said that, international members are regarding the rise and will probably overtake the amount of united states members into the years that are coming.