Campaspe shire plans rates rise by 16 percent and other housing benefits

Campaspe shire plans rates rise by 16 percent and other housing benefits

by Chris O’Leary, WIRED

Jan. 24 (UPI) — Residences will continue to pay nearly as much per square foot as a century ago.

The Berkeley Housing Authority plans to start hiking rents to cover a $1 billion expansion of the village’s parking garage over the next 15 years.

The changes, made as part of the $12.6 billion redevelopment of the 1.25-acre land, will increase annual pay by 15 percent to $1,068 per square foot for single-family homes, and by 16 percent to $1,097 per square foot for duplexes, single-family apartments and townhomes. Those figures are based on m바카라edian rents from 2010 through 2014, when the city purchased the parking garage for $1.4 billion.

Residences on campus will still see an increase in rent costs, but in the interim, the state is now on board, mandating the village to keep its overall rental rates at current levels.

«Our goal is to serve the people of Berkeley with the affordable housing the town needs to attract new residents, and to provide some financial stability,» said Steve Gaskins, a board member for Berkeley Housing Authority. «This is a long-term project and we expect Berkeley to keep up this pace for a while longer.»

The $12.6 billion is the highest price increase in Berkeley’s history. The city and the state committed to paying the highest average price per square foot for every $1.5 million that the city spent on housing projects in the area, but the city’s share was never as high as it was envisioned.바카라사이트

바카라The $1.8 billion was paid in part by building a 7,000-seat stadium for UC Berkeley football. While UC Berkeley and the county agreed on the stadium, many other areas of Berkeley are still grappling with high property taxes and the high cost of building. The land is slated for development and a new airport is still years away.

«We believe that Berkeley has long been committed to maintaining the very low cost of housing and that any increase in housing costs in Berkeley is in the best interest of the surrounding communities,» Gaskins said. «We will not pay any extra price to keep rent affordable.»

While the housing agency is looking to increase rents, the other side is taking a wait-and-see approach.

«We continue to evaluate all of Berkeley’s options t