Best Hair Extensions

best Hair extensions

Ever wonder how csr racing 2 hack hack tool celebrities grow their hair overnight? Or how their hair manages to look beautiful and healthy as they go from red to blond e to brunette within months? ItйЋ¶?a simple trick and usually involves using best hair extensions.

best Hair extensions are used for various reasons:

To add fullness and volume to thinning locks
To add length
To change or try out a new look

Andre Davis, Celebrity best Hair Extension expert, has built his reputation as one of the top in the industry by styling and creating customized hair extensions and weaves for over 15 years. His client list covers many models, celebrities and executives including TLC’s «A Model Life» Petra , actress/models Eugenia Silva, Channel Oman, Nilson, Anica Noni Rose, and R&B singer Mary J. Bilge. He uses the finest natural European hair and uses textures to match your own. The results are completely natural. No one would know that you had best hair extensions!

Interested? How it works:

The process starts with more information a complimentary consultation where Andre will discuss your options and offer recommendations based on your desired result. The hair is specially ordered for each client based on texture, color, length and individual needs.

The hair can be dyed or highlighted to match or complement natural tones.
After adding the extensions to your own hair, Andre will cut and style it.
Andre will give you lessons and instructions on caring for your new locks.

Andre also creates wigs and they are beautiful and comfortable. There are no visible seams so no one will ever know that you鎶甧 wearing one! He can give the wig any style depending on your preferences. He has created pieces and wigs for many women suffering from illness or undergoing chemo treatments. Andre is incredibly sensitive and has worked with many women share our website during trying times. He knows how to make them feel special again. To learn more about best hair extensions or wigs, please call the front desk at 212-888-2221 to book your complimentary consultation with Andre.