A Vote For The Vitary-Leaving Life As Your Legacy

We believe the message of the Seal and become vitary. We become messengers of the Seal and live new Life even while being persecuted for our message. As the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ were raised to new Life, so we also live.
«I am the Bread of Life,» said mobile strike hack ios Jesus. These words give the sovereignty to Jesus. We are glorified when we are sealed and we partake of the Last Supper as glorified bodies and in one Body.
But when we celebrate the Last Supper we remember Jesus and not ourselves. We have blessed fellowship but we remember Jesus. He died alone and we also die and live alone—within ourselves.
When God gave the children of Israel manna in the wilderness they ate for years with no other food. They were not able to provide for themselves and yet God provided the manna for them.
But the children of Israel also suffered the death of their bodies. When they were old enough they died. Some lived again, admitted to Heaven for eternity. And some of them were condemned for their acts while they lived.
The manna they ate was life-giving food. It was a complete food, their share our website sole nourishment day after day. God created a simple, perfect food which gave life to them for many years. But the manna did not give them eternal Life.
Jesus is the living Bread. The person who eats this Bread shall live into eternity. And the Bread Jesus gave was His Flesh and His Body. head soccer hack cheats He gave Himself as Bread for the whole world that any might live forever.
When we celebrate the Last Supper we will live forever. And we also have that everlasting Life within us today while we are still on earth. The Bread is within us when we eat.
And the Holy Spirit is within our bellies since we are sealed. The Bread nourishes us for Life now and forever. The Holy Spirit lives within us as well as around us, a Promise of the Judgment Day when Jesus shall grant us Life.
We eat the Flesh of Jesus and we drink His Blood. So we have Life. We remain within Jesus and He remains within us. When we celebrate the Last Supper we unite and strengthen this relationship.
When we believe the message and are sealed we suffer persecution and thus are joined to this Bread of Life. And when Jesus first brought us unto Himself He put us under His feet where we became one Wine with Him.
So we have become the Bread and Wine ourselves, partaking in the divine Nature of Jesus Christ. We partake in His very divinity while yet here on earth. And He partakes in our own honorable sufferings.
The divinity of Jesus Christ is everlasting. We who reign with Him in His Body and Blood today will also reign with Him in Heaven for eternity. God the Father has crowned us for this reign with His own Name.
When we first believe in the message of the Seal we first enter into the vitary state. This is when we endure opposition to the message and we ourselves become one with the Bread and Wine of the Last Supper.
Now each of us is a vitary—a messenger of Life. Just as Jesus Christ had Life within Himself we have the Holy Spirit alive within our bellies. And even when we are completely alone He remains with us.