A Visualization of the Urban Legend Called, Man Made Global Warming

About the only truth pertaining to Man Made Global Warming is that there are many people across the world making tons of money by perpetrating a junk science hoax. Just as in the previous Nuclear Winter scare of the 80s, there is no basis for the fears that are being manipulated by those who are profiteering from this absurd science. Worse yet is that if one calls a Global Warming Alarmist (GWA) out on their claims then they will get the patented answer of, the debate is over.

I think not. One has to have a debate before the issues can be resolved. Yet the GWAs will not debate their evidence because they have none. If there is evidence anywhere to prove Man Made Global Warming as fact it has yet to be supported by reputable men of science. Therefore, the best recourse for these GWA profiteers is to claim that a debate which proved their claims subway surfers cheat online has actually occurred. That brings to mind the following famous quote:

«Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.» — Adolph Hitler

I will attempt to prove the absurdity of blaming man for the acceleration of Global Warming by first providing some basic botany facts and then a couple of visualizations which anyone can do at home. Bear in mind, these examples are for visualizing how small man actually is on this planet.

Through normal Photosynthesis, algae and cyanobacterium in marine environments provide about 70% of the free oxygen produced on earth. The remainder of Earth’s overabundant oxygen more information is produced by plants like trees, shrubbery, grasses, flowers, et al. In fact just three average sized trees can provide one person with enough oxygen for their entire life. Now imagine how many trees there are on Earth.

For the first graphic experiment one needs to agree that there are 300 million people living in the United States. Now what we will do is to multiply that number by three feet in length per every man, woman and child. The three feet is what we will say is the average width of each of the 300 million people, from shoulder to shoulder. That leaves us with a line of 300 million people stretching shoulder to shoulder for 900 million feet in length.

The entire 50 United States has 12,383 miles of coastline share this site and 7,458 miles of International Boundaries with Mexico and Canada. Which means the little thin outline on a map of the continental USA, complete with an insert of Hawaii and Alaska stretches 19,841 miles in length. Multiply these miles by 5,280 feet and the length of the USA outline stretches out to 104.8 million feet.

Now all we have to do is to figure out how many times we can run our line of 900 million «people feet» around the boundaries and coasts of the United States map. Through dividing the 900 million in people feet by the 104.8 million in USA outline we will get a total of 8.6 rows of people stretching around the entire USA map and inserts. Now if each person is averaged out at being two feet in depth then our rows would become 17.2 feet deep by 104.8 million feet long. At that thickness this line would not even be visible from low earth orbit!

Now look at the entire United States. One can see nothing but green and blue with a few sprinkles of beige for deserts. All of this green and blue and a small portion of beige produce oxygen. That is the entire oxygen producing ground cover of the United States. The CO2 emitting lines of people are not even visible at all. So how can one say that man is affecting the land?

For the second graphic experiment all we need to do is multiply 300 million people by six square feet (their footprint). That is an allocation of three feet by two feet for every single person in the USA. This results in approximately 1.8 billion square feet of people. Divide this by the total square feet of a square mile (27.9 million) and you will get an area of 64.6 square miles. That is actually a smaller area than Reno, Nevada! Which compared to a USA map would be like throwing a golf ball out onto a football field. The grass of the field would produce oxygen while the golf ball would represent the 300 million people producing CO2. Still think man can affect the earth?

To account for emissions from factories, transportation and animals, let us get crazy and just toss a volley ball out onto the football field instead of the golf ball. Even then, there is plenty of green on the field producing an overabundance of life sustaining oxygen.